Towed Artillery Maintenance Facility

Towed Artillery Maintenance Facility

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Since 1941 Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) has been used as supplies storage. To­day ANAD serves as a maintenance facility where equipment can be repaired, recycled or repurposed.

Guidon designed to consolidate four lo­cations of towed artillery (mobile artillery systems) maintenance processes into one location for efficiency. Design solutions identified basic infrastructure needs for the towed artillery equipment. These two-dozen ton vehicles can now reside in one location while they are maintained.

Working for the military and federal govern­ment, stringent requirements were adhered to. Various components were required to support the 17 combat vehicle models that come through this facility. The design docu­ments were structured to meet the needs of on-site personnel and over 90 different enti­ties that govern its construction. This list in­cludes the U.S. Department of Energy, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.

The scope of work included the renovation of designated facilities, site improvements, and new construction of a 24,300 sf addition to B102 and B103. We coordinated the relo­cation of existing storage shelving into des­ignated areas to accommodate for the re­quired space of the Towed Artillery mission.

The new building indicated in 1390/1391 in­cludes a high bay enclosed space and open shed. Demolition work included the removal of existing concrete ramps, pavement, steps, and dock adjacent to B103, and demolition related to the relocation of storm sewer and underground telecom utilities.



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