Modern Corporate Office Refresh

Modern Corporate Office Refresh

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Guidon led the renovation of 4 floors at the corporate campus of a major pharmaceutical company, providing architectural and interior design services.

Renovation included the removal of existing cubicles and interior partitions to create an updated design. New floor plan layouts contained open design furniture and areas for private conversations. Each floor renovation includes an open office working environment with different touchdown spaces to accommodate each team’s needs.


The new interior layout is designed so var­ious sized meeting rooms, focus rooms, and printer areas are centrally located in the middle of the floor. Surrounding seating is flexible; this allows individuals to work where they feel comfortable, and allows teams to work in various configura­tions depending on their needs.

Workstations were strategically placed along the building’s existing exterior win­dows to maximize daylight onto the floor and allow individuals to feel connected to the outdoors. Large break rooms were fit-out for teams to gather socially, relax, enjoy a meal, and foster a sense of com­munity.

Each floor has a unique color scheme that includes a collection of bold accent colors and finishes to assist with distinguishing different room functions and to highlight collaboration zones on the floor.


Confidential - Fortune 150 Pharmaceutical Company


Indianapolis, IN


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