Medical Intensive Care Unit Expansion

Medical Intensive Care Unit Expansion

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Renovation Brings Functionality to Complex Space

Intensive Care Expansion

As Prime contract holder, Guidon Design Inc. provided Architecture, Structural and Civil Engineering for the design of this Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expansion. The project included the complete demolition and renovation of 3,500 sf of clinical laboratory space and a 3rd-floor vertical expansion of 12,000 sf for the new ICU suite. This complex design called for the construction of the new ICU over the existing, fully operational 2nd floor medical-surgical rooms and included an interstitial mechanical floor to support the new space.

The Guidon Design staff observed the daily operations of ICU clinical staff to document work-flow processes and their effect on space utilization, as well as to promote LEAN design concepts as part of the new spaces. The design was conducted with a patient-centered approach integrating patient and family needs. A space program was developed using the VA SEPS software platform. Detailed medical equipment planning was included in the project as well as a functional and pleasing interior design solution based on the most current evidence-based design solutions.


Innovative Structural Solutions

The structural design allowed for the complex vertical expansion within a fully operational inpatient hospital setting. A detailed analysis was required to ensure that the existing reinforced concrete structure was adequate to support the new space. The final design solution brings the project into compliance with all health and safety codes and is being constructed with limited disruption to hospital operations and the existing building systems. Construction phase services were included with a 360-day duration, which is currently underway. This project has been awarded and construction is currently 90% complete.


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