New Inpatient Health Facility

New Inpatient Health Facility

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Comforting Design Keeps Patients Safe

Safe + Welcoming Mental Health Space

Mental health design requires a delicate balance of patient security and welcoming design features. This healthcare client needed a new inpatient mental health facility to serve veterans in a historic district. The program for the new 19,100 sf facility was developed using a Lean Healthcare design process with detailed involvement from the clinical team – prioritizing client goals and their vision for veteran care. The Guidon team led collaborative charrette events with end users to discover these goals and presented Evidence Based Design concepts for mental health spaces. The team mapped out the ideal workflow for the new departments and created initial space blocking layouts. These initial efforts led to a functional and efficient floorplan that utilized the new square footage and created easy movement throughout the facility.

Patient privacy was a goal defined early in the design process. All 22 bedrooms are private and welcoming with dedicated bathrooms and exterior windows to provide an abundance of natural light.  The space includes custom design features for reception, exam and triage, open group spaces, dining, and administrative space for staff. Patient safety features were incorporated throughout the building like anti-ligature fixtures, fall impact reducing flooring, and specialty furnishings and finishes chosen to reduce hazards. Security elements included hallways and nurse stations with clear lines of site, secure staff and medication spaces, and a top-of-the-line camera monitoring system.

Integrating Green Infrastructure

The exterior of the building complements the historic campus, which is a National Historic Landmark District. Guidon designers coordinated with the State Historical Preservation Office to meet all historic district requirements. The stately building envelope was engineered to be highly efficient in keeping with the Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings. The building was also designed to meet all physical security standards. The design honors the building’s history while incorporating modern features for a unique aesthetic.

As part of the civil design for this new $8M facility, the specially selected location took advantage of existing campus green space. Green infrastructure was incorporated into the site to sustainably address storm-water runoff. New vehicle lanes, parking areas, and sidewalks were designed to integrate the facility with the rest of the campus and provide ADA compliant access.

Tastefully landscaped interior courtyards for patient recreation and group therapy encourages connectivity to others and the outdoors – a winning combination for long term wellness. By working closely with cost estimators from the beginning of the project, Guidon’s designers were able to keep the project within budget while maximizing available resources.


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