State Police Crime Labs

Guidon is the Architect of Record for the in­terior architecture and design services on this new facility. This site was one of three locations, each consisting of forensic labo­ratory space, firing range, and 24/7 dispatch center.

Each site has sophisticated lab equipment that enables better outcomes in processing crime evidence. The labs were designed with snorkel fume exhaust systems to eliminate heat or irritant fumes that may interfere with evidence handling. Other technical con­siderations include pressurization controls throughout the lab space, lab waste storage and disposal, biological safety cabinets, and purified water systems.

The State Police Crime Labs were de­signed and built for security, with 24” thick walls around the interior ballistics range. Throughout the entire building, a wire secu­rity mesh was installed behind the drywall to prevent breaches from one room to the next. Bulletproof glass was used externally and internally.

Soundproofing and acoustical consider­ations were taken into account within the ballistics range and interview rooms. There is also a firing tank to test bullet reactions to water. The buildings also include emergency power generators and UPS.

The dispatch room was designed to with­stand extreme environmental circumstanc­es. Including its own restroom and break­room area, the dispatch room is surrounded by concrete walls to ensure means of com­munication with emergency services is not broken. Acoustical considerations were tak­en into account in order for operators to re­main focused when taking calls.

  • Client

    Indiana State Police

  • Location

    Fort Wayne, IN; Lowell, IN

  • Market

    Science + Technology

  • Services

    Interior Architecture

  • Technical Criteria

    Chemical Fume Hoods, HEPA Filtered Exhaust Air, Snorkel Fume Exhaust Systems, Specialized Laboratory Glass

Team Details
  • Tim King

    Tim King

    Vice President, Principal

  • Mark VanderWoude

    Mark VanderWoude