Duel of the Ironclads

Quarstein HistoryOn Monitor deckIn August I had the opportunity to travel back to Virginia with the family. The trip included a stop at the fabulous Mariners’ Museum and Park http://www.marinersmuseum.org/ in Newport News. Because it was the anniversary of the raising of the Monitor, the water in which the turret is usually submerged had been drained, providing an unobstructed view of the salvaged turret. We also walked on top of the deck of a full-sized replica of the Monitor. The Mariners’ Museum also recreated the interior of the CSS Virginia, the Ironclad that dueled with the Monitor at the battle of Hampton Roads. This coming Tuesday, Oct. 20, John Quarstein, director of the Mariners’ Museum, will be speaking to the Scottsdale Civil War Round Table. Guidon Books will have his book “History of the Ironclads” available for purchase, and Mr. Quarstein will be available to autograph copies.