Frank O’Reilly and the Overland Campaign

Oreilly shelly Oreilly signing books Oreilly FredericksburgI love learning – whether it is about Arizona, Custer or the Civil War. This past Tuesday at the Scottsdale Civil War Round Table meeting, noted historian Frank O’Reilly gave a presentation on the 1864 Overland Campaign (sorry Westerners, this is not about crossing the American frontier but the fighting between the North and the South to reach Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy). It was the first series of engagements when Ulysses S. Grant went up against Robert E. Lee and according to O’Reilly, the two men learned a lot about each other that spring. I think it had a profound impact when the two met later at Appomattox. During the Q&A, O’Reilly mentioned Grant’s comment on having met Lee during the Mexican War, which he thought was trying to put them on a closer footing.  Frank O’Reilly is the author of The Fredericksburg Campaign: Winter War on the Rappahannock, which he graciously signed for the audience. Limited copies of his signed book are available.  John Bamberl, president of the SCWRT, said it was the best book on the subject and it really helped when he visited the Fredericksburg battlefield. With the sesquicentennial of the Civil War over, O’Reilly will be working on his next book about Malvern Hill.  Next week at the Civil War Discussion Group meeting held on May 28 at Guidon Book @6:30 pm, we will further discussion the Overland Campaign. The public is invited.