OTD in 1886 Geronimo Surrendered

Geronimo Story of His Life 001Charles Gatewood, under the command of General Nelson A. Miles near Fort Bowie, Arizona. Following the murder of Geronimo’s family by Mexicans in 1858, Geronimo led his followers in fights against the Mexican and United States governments. After his capture Geronimo was sent to live at various military posts as a prisoner of war before eventually settling in Oklahoma. He was never able to return to his home in Arizona. Several years before he died, Geronimo told his life story which was first published in 1906, but has since been reprinted. Noted historian Bob Utley wrote the most recent biography of Geronimo. Countless other books and articles has been written about the Chiricahua warrior and his people, including one by Allan Radbourne, “Geronimo’s Contraband Cattle” published by the English Westerners’ Society.