Father’s Day – June 21

Oconnor shooting bk djTaylor ManetersIn less than 10 days, it will be Father’s Day. It is a wonderful time to remember your Dad with a lasting gift – a book that can relax, educate or spark a new interest. The novels of Zane Grey or Louis L’Amour provide excitement while offering a chance to enjoy reading. Many fathers like to learn more about our country’s history – consider the memoirs of General / President Ulysses S. Grant or a biography of Sam Houston (which should be more factual than Texas Rising). Recently we acquired an extensive library of books on hunting and guns. They range from the very collectible such as Axis Pistols  by Jan Still or the book by Roger Cox The Thompson Machine Gun which contains the names of the original purchases of the guns, to books by popular authors Jack O’Connor or Elmer Keith. Stop by the store or shop online. If you can’t figure out what to buy, a gift certificate is a great alternative